Desktop Paint: Intro, Brush Attributes and a little bit of AutoPaint!!!

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 Hi All,

The Smoke on Mac road-shows across the world are in full swing with my area's covering Europe and the Middle East.  Everywhere we have been to, we have had a wonderful reception and met some fantastic people.

Just to give you an idea... here is a pic that was taken in Sweden at the beginning of this week!  (I am right at the back of the photo sitting behind the Mac screens, ready to rock and roll!!!!)

Smoke on Mac - Sweden 2010

There is still time to catch Smoke on Mac live in action if you visit the Autodesk Website and search for the road-shows.  


Intro, Brush Attributes and a little bit of AutoPaint.

Painting is used in every aspect of image finishing on a daily basis.  You might be removing a mole or wire.  You might be designing some graphic elements.  Creating textures, paint stokes, animated geometries and the list goes on forever.   The painting tools in Flame and Smoke are extremely versatile and powerful once you start exploring the depths of the menu.  We even have the tracker built into the paint tool for tracking paint strokes!!!  Really cool!

We're going to kick off by just looking at the desktop paint UI and then start focusing on the brush attributes which can do some crazy things with your brush...  Lastly, I thought I'd throw in a little taster of AutoPaint.  I love this tool and I will probably dedicate a whole blog or two to it at some point but let's get on with the show.

For best viewing, please choose the 1:1 size and use the FULLSCREEN MODE

The features shown are for the systems products on 2010 ext1 version for Linux and Mac

The best hot key to remember is the size of the brush.  "S" hot key for Flame and "Q" hot key for smoke.  

The other paint tool present in Flame, Inferno, Flint and Smoke Advanced is batch paint.   Batch paint is not the same as desktop paint and would be used in a different way.  I just thought this needed to be pointed out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and I look forward to catching up with you next time!

Take care where ever you are!

Signing off...



For more tutorials using Smoke that are not on this blog, please visit the Tutorials section of the area.
Click this link to speed over there now and you must be logged in to view the tutorials!

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Definitely for people who have never used Flame or Smoke before!!!


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| 8 years ago
Hi, I just checked the video and it appears to be fine. Have you checked that your flash plug-in is working ? I will look into getting these paint videos onto the YouTube Channels as well at some point. Regards Grant
| 8 years ago
hi, the videoseems to be unlinked, is that normal? I'd love to watch it again.
| 9 years ago
Great as usual. Thank you Grant
| 9 years ago
Great tutorial yet again, would love to see more on PAINT and also on text animation etc..
| 9 years ago
Great Tutorial Grant. Paint has always been a mystery to me. I blame Paul Andrews, from years ago :) The brush attributes you highlighted really helped in my understanding. I hope I can find a use for them in the future. I look forward to more on Paint. I know it's always been the anchor of the IFFS products.
| 9 years ago
Hi Cheese38, If you double click on the brush you selected in the rolling menu, it will bring up the brush attributes where you can adjust the brush softness. I do plan to cover that at some point. Paint is huge and there is so much to cover. Many thanks for watching and the feedback!!!! Regards Grant
| 9 years ago
Please keep these tutorials up, I love'm. gerry
| 9 years ago
Reiterating the previous posts - I too would love to see more Paint tutorials both for desktop as well as batch. Watching your tutorial I could't find which attribute controls the softness of the brush? Thanks
| 9 years ago
tanks... hope to see more tutorials on Paint :)
| 9 years ago
Many Thanks for the great tutorial Grant! I hope to see more tutorials on Paint soon... regards, Bill.
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